Donna mi prega

Kulchur Pieces # 7

CR 81. Year 1982

Donna Mi Prega Jochen Gerz Cr 81 001 Web1

Donna mi prega
Donna mi prega, perch'io voglio dire
d'un accidente, che sovento è fero,
ed è si altero - ch'è chiamato amore:
sì chi lo nega possa 'l ver sentire.
Ed a presente conoscente ...

The indescribable thus unravels into a diagram, an object lesson that alludes to the concepts of the previous Kulchur Pieces in a new way: the deceptiveness of looking and recognising, the micromegalistic structure of things we once thought familiar, the futile attempt at communication, the presence of myth. I see before me a metaphorical picture or, more precisely, a rhetorical sculpture, an architecture parlante. Without content and yet fraught with meaning.

Veit Loers 1984. Translated by e_CR editors



Framing lumber

Two horizontal, convex wooden surfaces of 8 meters in depth and 18 meters in length are installed in a space not accessible to visitors. Bulging from the floor and from the ceiling towards each other they extend into the room from the lit entrance without touching in the dark interior of the installation.


Regensburg 1982


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