Das letzte Bild

The last Image

CR 92. Year 1988

Das Letzte Bild Jochen Gerz Cr 92 010 Web

Das letzte Bild

Is this why Jochen Gerz became disinterested in creating works that "hang on a wall"? It is because they are "too complete", "too finished," "not enough of a process," not "dynamic" enough? Neither undergoing changes, nor making aware of changes?

A.B. Meadows 2010

Perception today means rather a condition of unconsciousness, astonishment that the things are still there after all, that they can still leave impressions on our senses

Friedemann Malsch 1988



2 picture labels, each 8 x 12 cm
Two picture labels with the text

The last image are attached next to a window facing the street on the interior and exterior walls of the exhibition space.


Düsseldorf 1988. Paris 1992

My name is Jochen Gerz